Off the Grid

Far-flung houses and secluded areas. Stories from those who seek out what exists away from all of us.

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The Quarantined Hippies Trapped in a Jungle Paradise

When COVID flared in Panama, 20 travelers from 18 countries holed up in this eco-village and shut the gates. Things in the outside world got worse, and now they might never leave.

The Fabled California Vacation Spot That Became an Environmental Wasteland

The Salton Sea was once lined with booming tourist towns. Now it’s an ecological nightmare where elderly eccentrics and bearded messiahs relish living off the grid.


Riding Shotgun with a Real-Life Mad Max

Deep in the California desert, at a post-apocalyptic gathering where anything goes.


Keys to Freeze, Mile 2868: A Wild West Town’s Visionary Experiment


My Free-floating Life on the Waterways of London

Secrets of the World’s Super-Explorers

For 111 years, a Manhattan mansion has been the gathering ground for adventurers who risk everything to reach the ends of the earth and depths of the oceans.

A Desperate Domestic Breaks Free

Trapped in an abusive situation while working for an illegal wage, a Filipina housekeeper makes a daring escape—followed by a desperate quest to reunite with her children.


Living Tiny

After losing his foster children and splitting with his wife, Kev Polk found a new life purpose in a ninety-eight-square-foot, no-frills, off-the-grid abode.