One in a Million

A look at what it's like to live with an extremely rare illness, or to love someone who does.

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This Photographer Captured the Struggle and Beauty of Her Sister’s Mental Illness

There’s a Mathematical Equation That Proves I’m Ugly — Or So I Learned in My Seventh Grade Art Class

It took me years to realize that despite being born with a rare facial disfigurement, beauty is more than a cold calculation.


Zika Patients Are Coming Down With a Rare and Paralyzing Disorder. I Had it 13 Years Ago.

My Son’s Mystery Medical Condition and Our Family’s Brave New World

It’s hard enough raising a child with an alarming array of symptoms. It’s even harder when doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong.


An Underdog Who Owns the Delhi Streets

As My Face Disappeared So Did My Mother and Father

When a horrifying bacterial infection disfigured my newborn face, my parents abandoned me right there in my hospital bed. The only thing more painful than knowing they left me behind was finding them 38 years later.

He Was Tougher Than Titanium

My little brother was born with a genetic abnormality so rare and deadly doctors said he’d never leave the hospital. But Patrick became an expert at proving people wrong.

Growing Up With a Deadline

The handful of children born with the devastating disorder known as Batten disease have a life expectancy of only eight to twelve years. Sammie just turned eight.


The Woman Who’s Allergic to the World

Diagnosed with an extremely rare cell syndrome, Crystal Goodwin struggles to live normally, knowing that a piece of candy or whiff of perfume could deliver her to death’s door.