Party Animals

A trip to funky town with karaoke singers and burlesque dancers. Stories from those who know how to get down.

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That Time I Spontaneously Flew Across the World for a Dead Rock Star

I was nursing a devastating breakup when I suddenly found myself in Switzerland, trying to talk my way into Freddie Mercury’s birthday party. It was the best decision I ever...

The Time I Celebrated Carnival with Gang Leaders in Haiti

The Mardi Gras parties in Haiti are legendary. But living in the slums of Port-Au-Prince, one award-winning photographer discovered a very different kind of celebration.

48 Hours on the Dark Side of Las Vegas

Penthouse orgies fueled by pill-pushing bellhops. A drug den stocked with sex slaves. Hidden homeless camps under the casinos. The real Sin City is even seedier than you imagined.

Disco Biscuits and Beats

Backstage at Camp Bisco, the drug-fueled bacchanal that is also one of New York State's largest outdoor music festivals.


The Society Shooter

From the swankiest soirees to the catwalks of Fashion Week, on the beat with New York's hardest working party photographer.


Dancing with Ganesha

For one afternoon each year, a quiet corner of Queens becomes a kaleidoscopic celebration of Hindu life.


UnDressing Burlesque


Karaoke Kills In Brooklyn

In one rowdy Park Slope basement, every visitor is a rock star.