Patchwork of Poverty

The struggle and strength of people around the world striving just to get by.

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Too Rich to Be Poor, Too Poor to Get By

Millions of American families have incomes just above the federal poverty level—and the cutoff for many benefit programs—but still just barely eke out a living.


The Camera That’s Flipping Stereotypes of Fatherhood Upside Down


Bach to the Future in a Nairobi Slum

I’ve Always Been Hungry

Growing up poor, there were times when I only ate what I could manage to steal. As a well-fed adult, I still can’t turn down a good meal…or a bad one.


The Country That Was Orphaned by Emigration

Spokesman of the Slums

In the midst of fierce battles between drug kingpins and police, one tweeting teenager emerges as the most reliable reporter from inside Brazil’s infamous favelas.

Waiting for de Blasio

New York’s incoming mayor has vowed to tackle the city’s record-high homelessness. But outside a crowded Brooklyn shelter, the guys on the corner aren’t holding their breath.


The Town of Trash


No Job Land

Five years ago, Spain was flush with cash. Today, millions of unemployed citizens are despairing for the future—and demanding their government finally take a stand.