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How My Song Became an Unlikely Protest Anthem—in Hong Kong

I'd given up on a music career when a song I posted online took on a strange new life. Suddenly I had a #1 hit, and an entire new life on the other side of the world.

Inspired by Black Lives Matter, This Masked Man Patrols Under the Cover of Darkness

Block by block, cycle-bound activist Sabir Abdussabur fights injustice on the streets of New Haven, Connecticut.

This “Old Guy With a Sign” Might Be the Most Dedicated Anti-Trump Protester in America

Gale McCray has never been politically active, but since the election he’s become a fixture at a Fort Worth, Texas, intersection.

These Rebel Reporters Harnessed ’90s Dial-Up Internet to Resist a Nationalist Dictator

Back when you were still hoarding AOL CD-ROMs, a team of silenced Serbians took their message to the masses via a strange new tool called online journalism.

Crossed Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

My inward-turning left eye led to a childhood full of teasing. But when I found my calling – as a professional dominatrix and political activist – the tables turned.

I Met with Martin Luther King Minutes Before He Was Murdered

He was the only man with the power to unite my militant black power group and his civil rights movement. Then, 49 years ago today, a single bullet changed history.


Girls, Mothers and Grandmothers: “I Love My country and Want to Fight for It”

Meet the Star Wars Fanatic Fighting to Save Brazil from Environmental Destruction

To land the Olympics, Brazilian politicians made lofty promises about cleaning up their waterways. One eco-warrior is holding them to their word.


Drought Destroyed Their Fields. But When These Farmers Asked For Aid, They Got Shot.