Planes, Trains and Automobiles

The vessels that take us places and the roles they play in our lives.

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The Pirates of the Highways

On America’s interstates, brazen bands of thieves steal 18-wheelers filled with computers, cell phones, even toilet paper. And select law enforcement teams are tasked with...

The Parachuting Female Photojournalist Who Dove Into War Headfirst

Dickey Chapelle jumped out of planes, marched through the jungle and survived enemy prison—redefining what it meant to be a woman on the front lines.

Flying Dead Bodies Across the Land of the Midnight Sun

When there’s a murder or mysterious death in remote areas of Alaska, corpses are flown in to the state morgue. This is what it’s like to run that airborne operation.

The Flying Santas Who Airdrop Christmas Cheer to America’s Lighthouse Keepers

When a 1920s aviation pioneer launched a thank-you project for the families that keep coastal ships safe, he propelled a tradition that’s lasted longer than he ever imagined.


Driving Faster Than God on Utah’s Disappearing Salt Flats

Two Men. Two Planes. One Race to Conquer the World.

In the golden age of aviation, a one-eyed Oklahoma farm boy and a handsome Hollywood stunt pilot embark on a historic and daring round-the-world rivalry.

I Paid Off My Student Loans…and All I Had to Do Was Win a Mercedes-Benz

As a post-grad struggling to build a creative career while drowning in debt, I was desperate for a lifeline. Then one rolled right up in the form of a $50,000 luxury SUV.

The Three Car Crashes That Changed My Life

My alcoholic mother, pot-dealing father, and my own PTSD combined to send my life speeding dangerously downhill. It took an unexpected U-turn for me to finally see things clearly.

Taking the Express Bus to Gambling Town With NYC’s Budget High-Rollers

The free shuttle from New York’s poorest neighborhoods to the city’s only casino is a little red bus packed chock-full of dreams, disappointment, and daily diversion.