Poisoning the Planet

It's not just melting icecaps and disappearing polar bears. The tragic consequences of pollution.

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Why Is the Green Movement Still So White?

Environmental ills disproportionally harm people of color. Yet they are woefully underrepresented among eco-activists — which may be holding up progress for us all.


The Nomadic People Caught in the Crosshairs of China’s Economic Boom

As Chinese investment turns this mineral-rich region into a cash cow, does the Southern Mongolian culture have any hope of survival? A few families are willing to fight for it.


In America, Owning Your Own Land Doesn’t Mean You Can Stop Oil Companies From Ruining It

The Fabled California Vacation Spot That Became an Environmental Wasteland

The Salton Sea was once lined with booming tourist towns. Now it’s an ecological nightmare where elderly eccentrics and bearded messiahs relish living off the grid.

Meet the Star Wars Fanatic Fighting to Save Brazil from Environmental Destruction

To land the Olympics, Brazilian politicians made lofty promises about cleaning up their waterways. One eco-warrior is holding them to their word.

Training the Next Generation of American Oil Workers…For Jobs That Don’t Exist

A new federal program signed up hordes of eager students—just as the industry went bust.


The Great African Rip-Off

Drilling, Dollars and Disease Down North

The discovery of oil-rich tar sands brought a modern-day gold rush to a remote stretch of Western Canada. But some locals fear that disaster may also loom beneath the surface.


Toxic Gumbo