Protest People

“People’s Monday” is a gathering of protestors sharing tales of police violence against people of color. These are just some of the participants' stories.

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These Rebel Reporters Harnessed ’90s Dial-Up Internet to Resist a Nationalist Dictator

Back when you were still hoarding AOL CD-ROMs, a team of silenced Serbians took their message to the masses via a strange new tool called online journalism.

Protest People #4: Trendy Feminist Marches Don’t Do Much For Me

A four-foot-nine-inch Mexican-American woman on standing tall for her people, and taking it to the streets for all oppressed people.

Protest People #3: Why I Didn’t Call the Police When Trump Supporters Punched My Friends in the Face

A fearless queer activist on a violent assault in the heart of Manhattan, and why the coming battle will require a crash course in self-defense.

Protest People #2: When I Saw What Was Happening, I Couldn’t Just Do Nothing

How a white man from Alaska picked up a camera and became a pivotal force in New York's movement to save Black Lives.

Protest People #1: Some Folks Want to Reform the NYPD. I Want to Shut It Down.

A Black Lives Matter leader on what he’s learned from two years of dogged demonstrations—including one very aggressive arrest—and on what happens next.