Pulp Non-Fiction

The true tales of lives that wouldn't be out-of-place in a vintage dime-store novel.

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The Fearless Black Cowboy of the Wild, Wild West

From shootouts on horseback to hitchhiking toward a place called Dodge, if ever a life was tailor-made for the movies, it was that of the one-time slave known as Deadwood Dick.

The Very Respectable Adventures of Gentleman Matty and Dime-Novel Frank

At the turn of the twentieth century, two impossibly perfect heroes captured America’s hearts and minds. Did hall-of-fame pitcher Christy Mathewson inspire pulp fiction...

The Artist, the Conman and the $15 Million Fraud

From imitation Gauguins to a piece of the true cross, how two small-town crooks fooled art collectors around the world and built an epic empire of fakes.

The Amazing Aviatrix of Wartime Casablanca

A daring teenage girl defies authority to become Morocco’s first female pilot and the hero of a young nation—then the victim of an assassination still shrouded in mystery.