Slobbering mouths and wagging tails. Oh yes, stories about man's best friend and how they change us.

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That Time I Tried to Murder My Dog

My misguided attempt to give my ailing dachshund a noble death turned into a complete disaster—and a lesson in letting go.

A Girl and Her (Extremely Patient and Unnaturally Photogenic) Best Friend

I Hired a Real-Life Pet Detective

I never knew there were actual Ace Venturas until my dog went missing. But with scent-trackers and canine psychological analysis in her arsenal, this pet rescuer is no joke.

A Second Chance for Inmates and Death Row Dogs

At an Ohio correctional facility, a new dog-fostering program teaches valuable skills to outgoing inmates—who in turn give down-on-their-luck dogs a new leash on life.

Bad Dog/Good Dog

One runway-model-turned-dog-trainer sets out to rescue the pit bulls of New York and rehabilitate their bad-boy reputation.

Watch Dog

As a blind woman in Queens seeks the perfect canine companion, an elite training school prepares pups for the toughest assignment they’ll ever receive: life in NYC.