Slobbering mouths and wagging tails. Oh yes, stories about man's best friend and how they change us.

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The Gruesome and Heroic Afterlife of Peter the Dog

The grisly murder of Athol McCowan gripped a sleepy coastal region in Australia. But even more shocking was how the killer’s exhumed pet dog served as star witness in the trial.

Confessions of a Misfit on the Dog Show Circuit

Being a young, tattooed queer person in this hoity-toity world hasn’t always been easy. But I’ve found a way to follow my passion while letting my freak flag fly.

The Dog Who Took the Witness Stand

Tracing the origins of the animal rights movement to one truly bizarre 1922 court case.

That Time I Tried to Murder My Dog

My misguided attempt to give my ailing dachshund a noble death turned into a complete disaster—and a lesson in letting go.


A Girl and Her (Extremely Patient and Unnaturally Photogenic) Best Friend

I Hired a Real-Life Pet Detective

I never knew there were actual Ace Venturas until my dog went missing. But with scent-trackers and canine psychological analysis in her arsenal, this pet rescuer is no joke.

A Second Chance for Inmates and Death Row Dogs

At an Ohio correctional facility, a new dog-fostering program teaches valuable skills to outgoing inmates—who in turn give down-on-their-luck dogs a new leash on life.


Bad Dog/Good Dog

One runway-model-turned-dog-trainer sets out to rescue the pit bulls of New York and rehabilitate their bad-boy reputation.

The Ivy League of Seeing Eye Dog Schools

As a blind woman in Queens seeks the perfect canine companion, an elite training school prepares pups for the toughest assignment they’ll ever receive: life in NYC.