Quest for the Holy Grail

Eye on the prize. Those striving for their goals.

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This Man Spent Years Waiting for the Phone Call That Would Change Everything. One Day It Finally Came.

An intimate look at life on the kidney waiting list.

The Darfur Teenager Who Came Home a King

At sixteen, Abbas Yahya left his small hometown in Western Darfur, dreaming of making it in the big city. In one magical summer, he did just that.

Breaking Into the Holy Grail of Texas Swimming Holes

In unbearably hot Central Texas, a unique underground ecosystem creates ice-cold springs that seem sent from the gods—including one otherworldly oasis protected by active security...

How to Have Fun When They Say You Can’t Conceive

Over 40, three miscarriages in, and assigned to the five-percent-chance-of-conception club, I kept on plugging the only way I knew how.


The Great Green Rush

In a swath of northern Brazil known for its underground deposits of emeralds, everyone and everything revolves around the never-ending quest for riches.

Love and Cricket in Queens County

For a team of Indian immigrants living without papers in New York City, the quest for belonging and true love is what holds them together—until it tears them apart.


How a Hand-Cranked Radio Battled AIDS in Africa

A prolific inventor dreamed up everything from the self-weighing suitcase to electricity-generating shoes. But his ultimate invention was a simple device with the power to spread...