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The Great Green Crab Invasion and the Battle for Coastal Maine

As rising ocean temperatures wreak havoc on local sea life, generations of clammers suddenly find their livelihoods at risk—and a rift widens about what can be done.

An Audacious Dancer’s Apache-Navajo Mashup—and the Outcry that Followed

Blending the lessons of his dual—some say dueling—Native American lineage, a Grammy-winning artist finds spiritual purpose, international fame, and a few sharp critics.

The Sounders and The Fury

If you think Major League Soccer fans are any less fierce and aggressive than Europe’s notorious soccer hooligans, try life as a die-hard Seattle Sounders fanatic relocated to Portland Timbers country.

Confessions of a Picket Line Scab

I was just looking for a simple summer job when I applied for the fill-in doorman position at a fancy Manhattan hotel. But suddenly I was on the front lines of a fierce standoff filled with furious union workers, frightened guests and simmering...