Second Acts

Let's try this again. Times people got a second chance.

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Confessions of a Lesbian Ex-Nun

I'd spent my entire adult life in the convent. When I left, I didn't even know how to use an ATM machine, let alone pick up women.

The Hacker Who Left Wall Street to Fight Fascists

Vlad Teichberg has spent the past decade creating new tools to take on the far right. He’s convinced his biggest battle is yet to come.

Photos by Gena Steffens and former members of FARC. Watch

These FARC Guerrillas Are Trading Their Guns for Cameras

My Secret Life of Shame With the Last Name ‘Fuks’

Going through my childhood with a last name nearly identical to the mother of all curse words was utter torture. But only after my family changed it did the regrets really begin.

Saying I Do, And Saying Farewell

Eleven days after marrying the love of my life, I stared at his lifeless body and said goodbye.

Crashing Into Fate on Interstate 80

When a young woman dozes off on a dangerous highway, a chance encounter saves her from the burning wreckage.

Saving an Amputee Pony Named Faith

An abandoned, abused pony seems destined for the slaughterhouse, until one couple goes above and beyond to arrange a groundbreaking treatment—and a second chance at life.


The Tree That Would Not Be Broken

It was the last living thing rescued from the ruins of 9/11. A dozen years later, one mythical pear tree is finally home, and branching out from Ground Zero in mystical ways.

The Night I Broke Back Into Prison

After serving thirteen years behind bars and struggling to rebuild his life, an ex-con finds solace in a surreptitious trip to the most unexpected place of all—his former cell.