Exploring the world is a whole new ballgame when one (or more) of your five senses is impacted.

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“Coming Out” as Face Blind

What it’s like to live with a disorder that means sometimes I can’t even recognize my own family members—and why I’m not keeping it a secret any longer.

Read This Before You Ever Make Fun of Comic Sans Again

It’s the font everyone loves to hate – there’s even a movement to ban it. But my dyslexic sister helped me see how valuable those much-maligned letters can be.


This is What Sound Looks Like

The team at Cymaspace creates cutting-edge technology that helps the hearing-impaired experience the thrill of music.


Am I Dreaming?

Thomas Peisel believes he can unlock the divide between our waking hours and our subconscious slumber—and he wants to bring you along for the wild ride.


The Blind Photographers Club

A one-of-a-kind photography collective gives blind New Yorkers a bold new way to show others how they see.

The Sultan of Olive Oil

New York's premier oleologist is on a mission to make you taste the ecstasy of true extra-virgin and forever forsake its imposters.

Silencing the Subway

Inside a high-tech effort to minimize the maddening racket in the New York underground.

Please Touch the Art

Grasping the beauty of the Museum of Modern Art's collection on a tactile tour for the blind.

Showtime on the Spectrum

For audiences with autism, Broadway's grandest theaters stage musicals to last a lifetime.