Lights, camera, chaos. What it's really like inside the roller-coaster of professional theater.

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Confessions of a Competitive Barbershop Singer

Growing up, I was embarrassed to be a part of this quirky family tradition. But the truth is, I love it.


The Most Hardcore ‘Macbeth’ to Ever Grace a Stage

Every year, half a million brawny bikers descend on one small South Dakota town. This is the first time they hopped off their Harleys to recite Shakespeare.

How 26 Elvises Taught Me to ‘Follow That Dream’

Just when I was ready to call it quits, a flock of tribute artists dressed as The King inspired me to give it my all, no matter what.


The Marionette Maestro

A renowned puppeteer and his tiny Brooklyn company stage their quadrennial revival of Aladdin—using spit, glue, and the same painstakingly-restored marionettes they have for the last half century.

The Theater Came Crashing Down

In the dodgy Greenwich Village of the early ’70s, the groundbreaking Mercer Arts Center brought Shakespeare and punk together under one roof—until tragedy struck.

Howard Sherman’s Frenetic Fringe Binge

For one harried 72-hour period, a seasoned theater professional dives headfirst into the world of mimed masturbation, weapon-wielding clowns and talking grapes that is the New York International Fringe Festival.


The Poetry Whores

Poetry is dead. Can burlesque, lingerie, candlelight, and intimate readings bring it back to life?

My Epic Comedy of Errors

A young director lands the production of his dreams—and then can only sit back and watch as it turns into the disaster of a lifetime.

Enter Stage Right: A Republican in New York Theatre

A conservative actor and producer holds a political coming out party in perhaps the most hyper-liberal place in the world: the New York City theater scene.