The Sound of Silence

It can be horrifying when you have it and infuriatingly elusive when you don't: plain and simple quietude.

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What Will I Hear When My Ears Stop Working?

When I was diagnosed with a rare hearing disorder I embarked on the unusual mission of preparing to go completely deaf—while archiving the sounds I never want to forget.

Losing the Language of Love

You lose a lot when a loved one dies, but for me the most impossible thing to bear was watching my husband’s secret lingo and our cheeky private jokes slowly slip from existence.

The Girl Who Fell to Earth

A freak fall through a rooftop at a college party landed my best friend in a coma. As a deafening silence fell on our friendship I grasped for the words to keep us both breathing.

The Silence that Whistles Through the Tombstones

As a great capital evolved, its once-grand graveyard fell by the wayside. Now one Washingtonian finds peace in the District’s forgotten but still-grand Congressional Cemetery.


All Quiet on the Seventh Floor

A New York poet in search of solitude finds her secret sanctuary nestled deep inside the campus of Columbia University.