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Our contributors and editors give us a glimpse into their current projects and the inspiration behind their stories, plus offer advice for other creative types.

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Meet Our 2022 Spring Memoir Grand Prize Winner

Laura Green-Russell on the strength it takes to write a deeply personal piece—and the shock she felt when she won.

Drawing Attention: The Cartoonist Asking the Tough Questions

When drafting her comics on the off-hours of her numerous jobs, Narratively contributor Issy Manley aims to show how complex our lives really are under the surface.

The Storyteller Who Rides Fast and Writes Free

Motorcyclist, master's candidate and graphic novel enthusiast peech breshears on the value of chasing every single one of your dreams.

Letting Go of Her Game Face

Acclaimed writer/director Melissa Johnson on how she transitioned from the world of sports to the land of art—and how she learned to put her vulnerability on the page.

The Detective Writer Who Hates Murder

Former Narratively senior editor and contributing writer W.M. Akers on the third book in his acclaimed trilogy, his writing advice and staying away from fictional murder as much as possible. 

The Photographer Capturing Vanishing Tribes Before They Disappear

Narratively contributor Abhijit Alka Anil has spent seven years documenting one of the smallest Indigenous tribes in the world as they try to survive—without compromising their ideals.

The TikTok Poet Bringing Untold Black History to the Masses

Nick Courmon is sharing forgotten Black history in a very 2022 way.

The Cartoonist Whose Parents Were Secretly Spies

In her first graphic novel, Narratively Contributor Sophia Glock documents her teenage unraveling after she figured out what her mom and dad really did for a living.

This Writer Seriously Knows Her Sh*t

Science journalist Lina Zeldovich turned her award-winning Narratively story into a book that teaches you way more than you ever thought you needed to know about the power of poop.