Tales From New Yorkers and Their Pets

From a runaway cat on a leash to haunting hamsters and clandestine burials at the Met, seven New Yorkers share funny, bizarre and heartwarming stories of life with their furry, fluffy and feathery friends.

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Sept. 11th

It came down to fight or flight for me when my friend's life was on the line.

Where cats roll dice and drink milk from paper bags

For a second I feared my cat would end up in the wrong end of an alley between crap games and can concealers, but then something happened.


Cat Sitter

My Tripolar Adoptive Kitten

Neither puncture wounds, an angry wife or projectile vomit will stop me from protecting my Poe.

Savage Beast

At daytime I'm but an easy-going, soft-spoken woman. But when time comes for strolling with my pit bull, the leash becomes my cape and I turn in to the Canine Crusader.

Black feathers and regrets

Have I ostracized myself from crow-society for eternity? Only time will tell.

Hamster Dreams

When I lay to rest I'm haunted by devilish looking hamsters.