Tales From The Dating Scene

Seven New Yorkers share their best, worst, and most comically horrifying stories of love, lust and a lack thereof.

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The end of JDate (or, the most bitter essay on dating you’ll ever read)

I've wasted too much time on a Jewish dating site not to find a husband on there.

The French Connection

I was the center of the french party in New York.

Why I Married My Best Friend on Facebook

Online marrying my best friend was the perfect loop hole for avoiding labelling relationships.

A Kiss on The Cheek

I ignorantly skipped over a dozen of steps in thai dating tradition.

A Lollipop and Two Dozen Roses

A man carrying a boat over a mountain and a blizzard almost ruined my attempt at surprising my girlfriend. In the end I got saved by a condom.

An Immodest Proposal

How much money is needed to overstep your own moral boundaries?

Night at the Opera

A leap of faith from the balcony cost me a shot at what could've been.