Tales From The Night

In taxicabs and at diners, down dark alleys and on bright stages, ten New Yorkers recall their most memorable dusk-to-dawn stories.

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A Nickel’s Worth

A silver nickel showed me just how gentrified Brooklyn had become.

A Night in the Theater

It was my first job as a stage manager in New York and I was high off the energy, honing craft by day, sleeping in the dressing room at night. Then the reviews came in.

Chasing the Dawn

That one very long night when I finally caught up with my youth.

Watching The Line

If you’ve never seen an air bubble work its way through a long tube and into your body, then you’re missing out on a special kind of torture.

Riding the Green Wave

With my girlfriend and her parents packed on the backseat, a confident cab driver became my personal New York savior.

Seersucker & Salmon on the Dumbest Morning of My Life

The road to California is paved with hangovers, wrong airports and magical phone persons. At least mine was.

In the Morning, Feeling Half Right

Lights, excitement and skyline drew me in, but when the fog finally cleared I found much more.

Breakfast with Bowies

I drank and drank and drank until I saw triple David Bowies.

That One Time a Kid Almost Bled Out in my Arms

At times life seems to come sneaking up on you in the darkness of the night.