Tales From The Tunnels

From a teenage escape gone wrong to quarreling lovers and a missing ear, writers and illustrators remember their most unforgettable subway rides.

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Through the Front Window

Rediscovering the wonder of the subway with a four-year-old.

A Subway Runaway

I ran away on the same tracks that brought me home.

Alphabet City, Alphabet Soup

Infatuation inscribed in pillars.

Patient Zero

Welcome to the tunnels under New York where snot, spit, screams and sneezes are shared with strangers.

Moving, Together

Finding a partner that can help you through tough times is hard - often it helps if you're moving together.

Making All Stressful Stops

I was dissolving in the tunnels beneath the Big Apple. A real New York nightmare.

Crazy in Love

What does a bit off earlobe and a knife wound matter to a couple of lovers.

Living Off the 6

Sometimes a subway line is more than just a means of transportation. It's your identity.