Tales From Two Feet

From runners' addictive highs to their embarrassing lows, here are eight stories of kicking asphalt.

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I Wanted to Be Fast

Neither mix tapes, Jesus' crucifixion or lucky underwear could make me fast. But not being fast led me to a self-realisation.

Hell of a Race

With a runner negotiating with his maker on his heels, this author gets an ungodly gift when they cross the finish line.

Running High on Crystal Lake

For a few miles I felt the runner's high, then I celebrated by getting high in a sand cave.

Learning to Swivel

Catcalling and laughter didn't stop me from race walking towards the state championships.

A Taste of Glory

I lived up to my own expectations and felt Maslow's peak experience.

The Gray Shorts of Shame

A pair of old Adidas shorts and swinging keys make this author the center of attention on his Memorial Day weekend run.

Rolling Along

Pushing my own boundaries in a half marathon I suddenly felt as a former self.

Streak Running

I wanted to run every day for a year. In doing so I ran around places like a gas station in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, which resulted in a scared friend.