Trash to Treasure

Creative revamps and daring dumpster-diving show how one person's garbage can be someone else's key to survival.

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They Meet Up in Motels Across America…to Trade Old Beer Cans

Their collections may look like trash to you, but these guys know every can has a story—and some have shockingly high price tags, too.


No Strings Attached

A Brooklyn artist creates instruments out of old shovels, whiskey bottles and other forgotten curiosities.

Trash Comes Clean

A quest to comprehend the immensity of New York City’s waste takes a writer to the heart of the Fresh Kills landfill.

Yes We Can

On the streets and digging through trash with New Yorkers who make their living half-a-penny at a time.


A Night Out with New York’s Freegans

From dumpster to dining room, a night out with urban harvesters who eat only what others throw away.