Double Trouble. The crazy true tales of "twinning."

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My Name-Twin Was Arrested for Robbery…and Everyone Thought It Was Me

When I bumped into the other Davon Clark in college, it was funny. When friends confused our dating profiles, it was weird. When he got in trouble with the cops, my life started to fall apart.

Tracking The San Francisco Twin

A year after the passing of a sassy San Francisco celebrity, one soul-searching young twin traverses the town in search of Vivian Brown’s surviving sister.


City of Dwarfs

In a remote corner of northeastern Brazil, a pair of septuagenarian sisters are among the last living legacies of a place once populated primarily by dwarfs.

Confessions of an Unhappy Young Mom

After years of battling infertility, a new mother gets her greatest wish times two—but quickly learns that life with twin babies is nothing to go gaga over.

When Twins Take Over the Town

For one weekend each year, Twinsburg, Ohio, becomes the world capital of seeing double.