The Underbelly of Fashion

Underneath all the glitter and glam: a peek behind the scenes of high-end clothing.

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The Great Everywoman Outfit Contest of 1915

A century ago, a cadre of women demanded to be freed from the tyranny of fashion. Their innovative ideas and radical demands—pockets!—took the country by storm.

The Unlikely Style Icon Teaching Older Women to Be Fashion Rebels

Judith Rizzio has spent a lifetime on the frontlines of feminism. She thinks there’s nothing more radical than women of a certain age declaring fashion is for them, too.

One Woman’s Impossible Mission to Save New York’s Garment District

Samantha Cortes had a dream: to revive clothing manufacturing in Midtown Manhattan. Rapidly gentrifying NYC had other plans.

The Discreet Charms of L.A.’s Discount Wonderland

Others may swoon for the boutiques of Beverly Hills, but for my father and me, the faux Rolexes, knockoff Chanels and wholesale cologne of Santee Alley are the pinnacle of panache.

Facing Fashion Week With a Frozen Face

The life of a high-flying fashion personality is thrown into chaos when he’s struck by a debilitating facial paralysis on the eve of the industry’s most important see-and-be-seen party.

Secret Life of a Fashion Week Peon

After the last strut down the glittery runways, the industry’s eyes turn to buyers’ showrooms, where one lowly worker gets an eye-opening look at how the fashion world really works.

Inside the War of the Fashion Bloggers

As Fashion Week cracks down on the number of bloggers invited to this once-exclusive event, a veteran pulls back the curtain on a world of web writers gone wild, from screaming matches in the photo pit to selfies with the stars.

Digital Darling

Susan Coffey is a shy girl from Jersey who seduced the Internet—but can she conquer the elite New York fashion world?