They've left their homeland behind, and are desperately doing whatever they can so that they'll never have to go back.

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Undocumented People Are Planning Who Will Take Over Their Leases and Custody of Their Kids if They’re Deported

With ICE raids on the rise across the U.S., people are banding together to craft crisis plans in case the worst happens.

This Formerly Undocumented Woman Is Teaching Her Fellow Immigrants to Know Their Rights

After her husband was jailed for entering the United States without papers, Gabriela Casteñeda vowed to help her peers live without fear.

Paperless People #2: “Tomorrow’s the Day I Find Out If I’m Going to Be Deported”

After serving time for white-collar crime, he rebuilt his life helping immigrants like him navigate the system. Now he might be torn from the community he has fought for.

Paperless People #1: “I Put My Life on the Line for This Country. My Mom Shouldn’t Have to Worry About Being Arrested.”

A Marine from the Bronx takes his bravest step yet: convincing his undocumented immigrant parents to come out of the shadows.

They Were Brought to the U.S. as Kids—Then Sent Back to a Country They Barely Know

As Trump’s wall threatens to become a reality, four Mexicans deported under Obama watch their hopes of returning slip away.


Where Were You, When Men Were Men?

The Secret Life and Terrifying Journey of a White-Collar Undocumented Immigrant

With my perfect English, stable finances and penchant for Prada, I never saw myself as anything but American—until U.S. Immigration decided to throw me out.

Teenage, Undocumented, and Speaking Out

Two young immigrants slowly come to grips with what it means to be undocumented in the only place they call home.