The wild lives of modern day nomads: from jet-setters to rock stars.

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The True Story of the Hitchhiker Who Was Shot in Pursuit of Kindness

Ray Dolin was hiking across the U.S. when he was attacked and nearly died. Or that's what he said. His story quickly unraveled, but his real truth has never been told until now.

Bricklayer Bill’s Ultra-Marathon of a Life

Clinging to the undercarriage of a speeding train. Getting punched in the face for two bucks. Leaving a hospital bed to run a marathon. All just another day at the office for the...

Free to Fly

A chance encounter with an airline employee allows a struggling student to start living the dream life of a jet-setting playboy.


On the Road Again

The Strange Life of a Teenage Pageant Host

Fainting. Crying. Puddles of pee. Welcome to the world of Zak Slemmer, and the youth beauty contests he so desperately loves.


Homeless at 27

The Ol’ Banjo Sounds Good

From hopping freight trains in West Virginia to living in a trailer park in Brooklyn, Morgan O’Kane is New York’s banjo-playing, tambourine-toting, hillbilly-punk journeyman.