Watching Over New York

From the admirable to the bloodthirsty, take a look at New York's lesser-known guardians.

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The Man at the End of the Line

One brave man with a sign stands between a seamless checkout experience and edible Armageddon at a frenzied outpost of Trader Joe’s.


The Harlem Grandmaster and His Ten Thousand Karate Kids

For nearly half a century, Sam McGee has offered generations of Harlem residents free martial arts training, and the confidence to fight without fists.

Stop-and-Frisk’s Fiercest Foe

As New York’s minority communities fume over the crime-fighting tactic known as stop-and-frisk, one camera-wielding ex-con makes it his mission to catch the cops in action.

The Rat Hunters of New York

The city that never sleeps is home to untold millions of four-legged vermin. Richard Reynolds and his band of bloodthirsty terriers are determined to sniff them out one-by-one.

Twilight of the Guardian Angels

Born in the crucible of seedy 1970s New York, does Curtis Silwa’s red-bereted band of citizen crime busters have a place in post-Giuliani, post-Bloomberg NYC?