Wedding Bell Blues

Till death due us part - is that too much to ask for? Trying tales from the alter (and those running away from it).

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Planning My Wedding as a Nonbinary Bride

I couldn’t even pick a pronoun. How was I supposed to decide what to wear on the most important day of my life?

Tulum Was the Perfect Place to Escape Wedding Planning…So Perfect We Eloped

On our first vacation together, we fell in love in this idyllic Mexican beach town. When we returned among the throes of wedding insanity, it was clear what we had to do.

Why Women Keep Asking Me to Be Their Brides-man

A thoroughly modern gentleman on the fine art of being a lady’s best friend—and explaining to confused aunts that no, he won’t be wearing a purple chiffon dress.

Us: ‘We’re Getting Married!’ Them: ‘How Can You Be So Selfish?!’

His family is Orthodox Jewish. We're not. When they objected to our union my fiance and I began planning a wedding anyway — and that's when we learned we weren't alone.

A Second Super Strange True Love Story: I Was The Other Woman

When I met my one true love, I was so enamored with him I overlooked the fact that he had left a jilted fiancée behind. I was in way too deep before I realized that I was headed for my own nightmare.

A Super Strange True Love Story: My Disappearing Fiancé

After years of avoiding love, I found a match that seemed almost too perfect. We were practically walking down the aisle before I realized it really was too good to be true.


The Woman Who Married a Mannequin

As a single woman I suffered through years of family members and strangers alike telling me to settle down and pick out a husband. So I went to the store and bought one.

The Perfect Wedding Planner With the Failing Marriage

Attending a wedding while your own marriage falls apart is one of the most emotionally conflicted experiences possible. Now imagine doing that every weekend.

I Took the Leap Into Marriage—and Landed in the Shallow End

In the blink of an eye, my wedding party went from raucous revelry to a frantic emergency room visit—and a ruined honeymoon. Please don’t ask me if I’m laughing yet.