Wild Cards

Voodoo priests, celebrity conjurers, and mysterious magicians.

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For a Magician Like Me, Conversion Therapy Was the Ultimate Illusion

My family wanted me to change so badly, I suspended my disbelief and tried to imagine I could.

She Caught Bullets with Her Bare Hands — and Made Magic’s Glass Ceiling Disappear

When her husband died and left her penniless, audacious Adelaide Hermann transformed from lowly assistant to “the Queen of Magic.”

Conjuring Up a Career with One of NYC’s Only Female Magicians

In a world where women are often the "lovely assistant," Tanya Solomon takes charge by making her own magic.


Voodoo Masters of the Dakar Darkness

The Conjurers Club

In the heart of youth-obsessed Hollywood, a century-old mansion for magicians refuses to bow to modernity.


Friday Night Magic

Twenty years after a complex card game first captivated millions of devotees, I.T. guys, attorneys and longshoreman alike gather every weekend for battles of epic proportion.

Big Apple Vodou

Far from the ominous spells and creepy pin-dolls of the silver screen, three New Yorkers debunk the myths about Haiti's ancient religion.

Miracles on 34th Street

Long after its heyday, New York's oldest surviving sleight-of-hand shop still draws die-hards to an unimaginative stretch of Midtown Manhattan.

A Magical Mentorship

Inside the enchanted bond between a neophyte illusionist and an octogenarian legend.