What Can The Evolution Of Our Sleep Habits Teach Us?

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The Opportunity:

The HuffPost Partner Studio, a unit at AOL that helps brands create and distribute branded content at scale, had an incredible amount of demand. They were looking for a partner that could produce quality, publish-ready content that was true to the HuffPost voice, and also support their team with RFP response and research.

The Solution:

For a year and running, Narratively Creative has provided HuffPost Partner Studio with a guaranteed steady volume of high-quality, publish-ready branded content, photo sourcing, original illustrations, story-idea generation and editorial support. Our account director/editor plugs directly into HuffPost’s team, receiving prompts¬†from HuffPost’s editors and assigning articles to Narratively’s network of storytellers on topics ranging from kids and sleep¬†to the wisdom of the elderly, sponsored by brands as diverse as Johnson & Johnson, Sleep Number, Chevrolet and the American Cancer Society. Several of our pieces were HuffPost Partner Studio’s most popular of the past year.

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