Diary of a Craigslist Nightmare

When a pristine studio sublet seems too good to be true, a desperate New York renter descends into an infuriating web of secrets and lies.

Diary of a Craigslist Nightmare

I thought I’d finally found the perfect New York sublet apartment on Craigslist. Giddy with excitement, I laid down my deposit and waited to get the keys to my new temporary home.

Then things got weird.

*   *   *

Names have been changed to protect identities. The voice of “Peter” was performed by Ryan Catanese. The FedEx operator was performed by Quinn Greene.

Music Credits: Macon Tights, “Falling Falling Falling”; Macon Tights, “Machine Study”; Monta, “Disappointment”; Chris Zabriskie, “Air Hockey Saloon.”