Editors’ Picks: 5 Great Narratively Stories You May Have Missed

Whether you're new to Narratively or a longtime fan, you'll love these exceptional tales from our first five years.

Editors’ Picks: 5 Great Narratively Stories You May Have Missed

As part of our fifth anniversary celebration, last week Narratively brought you our editors’ picks of the single best stories from each of our first five years. This week we dove deep into the Narratively archives to uncover five hidden gems you might not yet be aware of…but we definitely think you should be. We hope you enjoy them, and thanks very much for your continued readership and support!

1. Disappearing Ink

By Matthew Wolfe

Photo by Per Liljas

A tattoo-covered doctor helps ex-cons remove their most scarring legacies.

2. The Brutal Honesty of a Bloodsport Baron

By Chris Pomorski

Illustration by Melissa Mendes

Back when the Bowery Boys and Dead Rabbits ruled Manhattan, dog-fighting, rat-killing and bare-knuckle brawling were the sports of choice—and Kit Burns was king of them all.

3. The Inventor

By Ben Gibson

Image by Ben Gibson

Since he was just a small boy, Carl Sarno has been thinking of new ideas and inventions in hopes of changing the world for the better. After 93 years, he hasn’t given up on his lifelong passion.

4. The Ultimate Antique Gun-Lovers Club

By Jihii Jolly and Kellianne Jones

Image by Kellianne Jones

How an obsession with homemade eighteenth-century-style rifles brought together a widowed elementary school teacher, a retired married couple, an eager young college student—and 15,000 other aficionados who are mighty proud of being behind the times.

5. Who Is Roger Dean Fischer?

By Vinnie Rotondaro

From Berkeley Springs to Brooklyn, a tale of homemade bombs and coal-fired pizza.

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