Everyday I’m Hustlin’: Our 5 Best Stories on Innovative Entrepreneurs

To quote Kim Kardashian’s iconic words: “It seems like no one wants to work these days.” These five innovative entrepreneurs are proving her very wrong.

Everyday I’m Hustlin’: Our 5 Best Stories on Innovative Entrepreneurs

5. My Bizarre Reign as New York’s King of “Virgin Russian Hair”

Story by Vijai Maheshwari

Illustration by Ryan Raphael

Complete strangers wiring me $15k on the spot, smuggling blond ponytails across the Atlantic, secret rendezvous under the overpass — I just may have had the weirdest side hustle of all time.

4. The Great Cottonmouth-Catching Get-Rich-Quick Scheme of 1956

Story by Ron Gollobin

Illustration by Molly Magnell

As a reptile-obsessed teen, I ran away to hunt lizards in the Everglades, then hatched a plan to milk venom from deadly snakes. It went even more comically wrong than you’re thinking.

3. The First Family of Counterfeit Hunting

Story by Amy Ridout

Illustration by Elliot Snowman

Robert Holmes taught his sons everything he knew about exposing black-market knockoffs. Now they take down the world’s biggest scammers while dodging threats from the mob.

2. How Starting a Pet Euthanasia Business Saved My Life

Story by Ace Tilton Ratcliff

Illustration by Jesse Zhang

I was devastated when I lost my dream job as a mortician. But I found a new sense of purpose guiding pet owners through the worst days of their lives.

1. The Father-Son Feud that Built an Empire of Food

Story by Jaclyn Einis and Amy Osborne

Photo by Amy Osborne

For decades, a son’s wayward wanderings clashed with his father’s vision for the family business, but when they finally see eye to eye, one of San Francisco’s great culinary institutions is born.

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