Meet Our Audio Storytelling Genius Guest Judge: Glynn Washington!

A brilliant podcaster who takes true stories and tells them in totally original ways, Glynn — host of the podcasts Snap Judgment, Spooked and Heaven’s Gate — is a perfect judge for our Spring Memoir Prize.

Meet Our Audio Storytelling Genius Guest Judge: Glynn Washington!

As writers and creators, our team at Narratively is always hungry for stories that are told in fascinating, unconventional ways. When we listen to Glynn Washington’s radio shows and podcasts Snap Judgment, Spooked and Heaven’s Gate, we’re instantly enthralled, not only by the stories that Glynn tells, but the way in which he tells them. As our trusted audio guide, Glynn’s voice drips with curiosity and empathy — he’s not afraid to reveal his own emotion or vulnerability, and in that way he makes it OK for us listeners to shed a few snotty tears or guffaw a little too loudly on an otherwise library-quiet NYC subway car (very guilty on both counts over here!). His shows are so much more than your typical audio affair, they’re — as Glynn himself puts it — a “cinematic experience.” And how does he do this so well? He understands the craft of storytelling. Once a tax attorney who realized he hated tax law, he recognizes that “Legal arguments are often storytelling by another means. Whoever tells the best story, wins.” 

So we were beyond excited when Glynn agreed to be a Guest Judge for our inaugural Spring Memoir Prize. (Fun fact: Glynn actually got his start in radio by taking a chance, putting himself out there, and entering a contest many years ago!) For the Memoir Prize, we’re in search of not only revealing and emotional narratives from overlooked points of view, but authentic and diverse character-driven content, which Glynn does seamlessly in each show he hosts. “I find that drama in the small things,” he says. “Crossing a street, caring for an elderly family member, receiving a health diagnosis — diving deep into the reality of the relatable often resonates narratively where big plot lines fail.” 

With Snap Judgment, Glynn combines personal, true stories with music, daring listeners “to see the world through the eyes of another.” 

I love the urgency, the adaptability, and the immediacy of audio,” Glynn shares with us. “As a creator, unlike [with] film and television —  you don’t have to wait for three years and a multimillion dollar investment in order to create a cinematic experience.”

In 2020, we were thrilled to collaborate with Snap Judgment in producing Radio 77, a story about a DJ who for 40 years, hosted a radio show in his backyard for an audience of one. Take a listen:

And we’re doubly thrilled to be working on a second exciting collaboration with Glynn and the Snap team that will be broadcast later this year. (More on that soon, and be sure to subscribe to Snap Judgment in your podcast app of choice!)

Glynn’s other podcasts, Spooked and Heaven’s Gate — the former a spine-tingling collection of “true life supernatural stories” and the latter a moving series about the loved ones of those who took their lives in a mass suicide in 1997 — are just as impressive, and showcase his unique ability to weave together original stories into genre-bending audio projects. 

We know that Glynn’s passions and storytelling experience will make him an amazing judge for our Spring Memoir Prize. Enter your memoir featuring your unique, diverse perspective by June 27 for a chance to connect with this storytelling icon, and so much more!