Narratively Contributor Agreement Overview

Thank you so much for your interest in contributing to Narratively. You’ve probably come to us because you have a story you’re incredibly passionate about, and because you know we think about stories a bit differently than most. Likewise, our business model is a little different: you won’t find intrusive ads on our site or annoying paywalls; instead, our business model consists of the following:

1. A large part of our business model is creating television series, films and podcasts inspired by Narratively’s one-of-a-kind stories. This creates opportunities, both creatively and financially, for Narratively and contributors like yourself, and enables us to provide a platform for your work. Our contributor agreement grants us the right to pursue derivative projects based on your work, including TV and film opportunities so that we can all share in our stories’ success. 

These are a few of the key points in our agreement:

  • You retain print publication rights, should you pursue a book version of your story now or in the future.
  • Narratively has the right to pursue TV and film projects based on the work. These projects could be either unscripted/documentary or fictional (inspired by your story).
  • Revenue from any TV or film projects is shared with contributors.
  • We publish Narratively Out Loud, which features read-aloud audio versions of all Narratively stories, so the contract also gives us the rights to produce those.

2. Because our publishing model is centered around creating a long-term, lasting impact for stories rather than maximizing on-site pageviews, we often republish stories with other online outlets, in order to attract more readers to every story. Our contract includes the right to publish your piece on and on other websites as well, and you are always credited as the author of the work. In the past we have republished Narratively pieces with outlets such as The Guardian, National Geographic, Salon, The Week and others.

Thank you again for your interest in partnering with Narratively to share your story. If you have any questions about the points above, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to working together. 


The Narratively Team

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