The Black Newsroom

Interested in writing for Narratively? We're looking for pitches about renegade reporters, pugnacious producers and other African-American barrier-breakers in the world of broadcast journalism.

The Black Newsroom

Through wartime and peace, boom and bust, through every major event that shakes our world, television journalists are among the most influential people who shape how we view that world. And throughout the medium’s history, most of those people have been white. But not all of them. We’re looking for inspiring and dramatic stories that celebrate Black broadcast journalists who have broken down barriers and blazed their own trails, and we’re not shying away from the ugliness they confronted along the way, or continue to face today.

Whether at major networks; tiny, unexpected affiliates; or social media startups, we’re seeking articles that put the spotlight on Black journalists — anchors on screen or people behind the scenes — with fascinating stories to share. These stories can be first-person essays or reported articles; stories that are still unfolding today or retrospectives, though we are most interested in stories set in the 1980s or later.

The most important thing is that they profile a person or group of people doing something truly unexpected, and that they are filled with cinematic drama, tension and excitement, making the story feel like a Black-centric version of THE NEWSROOM or THE MORNING SHOW.

Pitches Due: Friday, January 27. For more details on what we like to see in a story, please review our guidelines here and pitch your story over at Submittable

PS: Not a writer but have a great idea for a story we should know about? Send us a tip: [email protected]