The Hidden History of Marijuana

Curious about weed's origins on this 4/20? Well look no further. We pulled together five surprising stories about the history of marijuana to celebrate Snoop Dogg's favorite holiday.

The Hidden History of Marijuana

Weed. Cannabis. Pot. That smelly green stuff. Whatever you call it, you probably have an opinion on it. But where did weed come from? (Other than the ground, duh.) It wasn’t ’60s hippies who started the craze during the height of the counterculture. Cannabis was discovered way before Allen Ginsberg started preaching about it, and the long history of its use is filled with surprising stories.

500 B.C. Residue found in tombs deep in a Central Asian mountain range suggests that strong cannabis was used in ancient burial rites

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1600s Smokeable pot’s proliferation in North America involves the Mexican Revolution, the transatlantic slave trade and Prohibition.
Late 19th to Early 20th Century NPR looks into how we came to call cannabis “marijuana,” and how US-Mexico relations shaped public  of smoking weed.

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1970s The cure-all debate over the cannabis compound has distracted from the serious — and seriously odd — backstory of how cannabidiol conquered the country.
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2016 Thanks to a loophole in Indiana’s notorious religious freedom act, one countercultural congregation asserted its right to worship the holy green ghost. But the real surprise is that this merry band of smokers, jokers and non-tokers built an entirely essential community.
2018 One of the most outrageous crime sagas of the 21st century starts with a severed penis…and only gets stranger from there.

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