The Woman Who Married a Mannequin

As a single woman I suffered through years of family members and strangers alike telling me to settle down and pick out a husband. So I went to the store and bought one.

By | June 3, 2015

Spend months planning a picture perfect wedding, only to leave her groom, cold, on the steps of the altar, after a speech announcing to the congregation why she did it. Who would do such a thing?

That girl was me.

It was actually a renewal of vows. Chauncey and I had been together for fourteen years. Chauncey is a mannequin, and our marriage was a photographic farce. I started a satirical series of self portraits when I began to face what seemed to be universal pressure to hurry up and “make it happen” before I shriveled into a spinster. “Spinster?” Really? I thought we had moved beyond that decades ago. Come on, I was a successful career woman! But as I got older, the suggestions became stronger. It appeared that I’d be considered more successful if I found any available body and quickly settled. So I made a point of doing just that, in a peculiar, funny way that would point out what’s wrong with that picture.

Even though I play the main character, look twice and you’ll notice that it’s not about me at all. It’s about what is expected of all of us. Judgment, both of each other and ourselves, is actually the starring role. Sounds heavy, huh? Yet, I think this work goes to show that a good ribbing is the only way to get at the heart of utter nonsense.


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